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Restorative Massage Therapy
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There’s nothing like getting a massage from Lillian in the comfort of my own home! She has a wonderful way about her, and has been keenly responsive to my varying needs. She also is well educated about other modalities, so has been able to offer advice and guidance in a holistic way to help me with my overall health – S.W.

I met Lillian 4 years ago when she successfully massaged me out of the pain and limitation of a torn rotator cuff.  Since has also helped bring my hand back to life after a wrist fracture, and did so much to heal a severe back spasm, also teaching me gentle stretching exercises, and advising me on other modalities that could help the healing of my injured muscles.  I followed her advice and it worked!  With Lillian’s attention and investment in my well-being, my back is strong and healthy again.
Lillian has also alleviated the on-going distress I experience from neuropathic weakness in my lower legs.  She has used her yoga training to help improve my balance and has taught me stretching and yoga posesthat combat the neuropathic weakness. Lillian has helped me so many times.  She cares, and her knowledge and skill are joined with a heart willing to be fully present to the person in front of her.  For me an hour with Lillian heals my body and my spirit. – B.M.

I count myself lucky, blessed, that I met Lillian several years ago. She has been my massage therapist, health coach and safety net for several years. As a senior, I was in good health when we met. A year later, I was plunged into an intense relationship with the medical profession trying to figure out the source of my sudden pain filled life. Lillian accompanied me on this journey with wisdom, care, and impressive professional expertise that saved me from several medical procedures. Her knowledge and deep respect of the human body is impressive. She was always willing to go the extra mile with suggestions and demonstrations of exercises. I feel that she is a very competent and compassionate ally in my life. Lucky to have met her. – P.M.

Lillian with her multidisciplinary training and years of experience has a deep knowledge of anatomy and ability to get to the root of the problem. With her amazing understanding of the anatomy of movement she approaches the problem areas with unrelenting energy. She relieves the knots and binds and also recommends exercises that one can do to help along the healing process. –S.W.

It has been such a gift for me to have found Lillian! I have been working with her for about 3 years now on a monthly basis and I can truly say that my body has benefited immensely. She initially helped me with some chronic pain that I had been unable to address otherwise and our work together continues to be restorative and a critical part of my self care. I really appreciate her holistic approach and her ability to respond to what is going on in my life at the moment and predict what my body needs most. She is a true caregiver and a joy to work with. – C.B.

“When I first came to Lillian, I had shooting pain in my upper back and neck.  After a couple visits, the shooting pain was almost gone.  I always feel so much better after seeing Lillian.  She is so kind and always very professional.  She listens to what is bothering me at each session and tailors the massage accordingly.  She has also given me a number of tools and techniques for self care, and periodically sends me articles and books, so I can educate myself to help manage my neck and back pain.” –L.W.

“I highly recommend Lillian; she’s the gold standard!  I receive a monthly massage from Lillian, as part of my health and wellness plan,    She pays attention to any stress or strains I might have, and can work out any knots or tight muscles.  I see it as relaxation, cancer prevention and injury recovery all in one.”  -K.M.

“I have been extremely fortunate to have Lillian Fuchs as my massage therapist and teacher over this past year as I healed from knee replacement surgery.  Lillian has worked with my body on this journey in a such a physically supportive and loving manner that I have been able to relax and tolerate deeper pressure, which in turn allows me to release the tension and knots I hold in my body.  She has shown me stretches that I can do to work with these problem areas on my own in between our sessions.  I consider Lilian a positive member of my wellness team, someone who is there to help me heal and also encourage me to build and maintain a strong healthy relationship with my body.”  -P.W.