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Dear friends I am so excited to share my new ~mindful body online journal ~ with you all.   It is a place to share some of the wisdom that you all have given me, from my 12 years as a body-worker, massage therapist.   And it is also a place to share some of the joy that my mindfulness and meditation practice has given to me, these last 20 years, in the simple grace of an in-breath, and an out-breath, and the abundance of wellbeing that is there, in our mindful breathing.   My first post is a re-post from January 2, 2017, a breath of peace and warm smile to you all – Lillian-

Massage has been my greatest teacher of wisdom, and a joy to share with you all.  It continually teaches me that lasting health and happiness, is something that is always-already available to us in our body’s wisdom.   And so, this 2017, I share a little of what I hear from each and every body that crosses my path.

Our body reminds us, that on our journey to health and wellness, there is nothing to change, nor any effort to exert.  Rather lasting health and wellness comes from relaxing and softening around what is stuck, tense, or blocked in our body and in our life – and slowly, with patience and consistency – allowing this softening, to show us where and how to let go.   Our body tells us too, that if we are truly present, awareness alone will guide us back our natural balance, effortlessly.

Our body is happy when we slow down and stop in our ordinary day, to take a few deep enjoyable breaths.  Our body is filled with energy and buoyancy when we relax the tension and strain in our muscles and in our mind, and hearts.  Just a few minutes every day of this kind of breathing and relaxing, combined with some gentle stretches to our neck, shoulders, back and legs, will immediately help us feel better and reconnect us to our vitality.   Our body wants us to notice the little, ordinary things, (for more than anything they are what refreshes and restores us), the blue of the sky, the wind in the pines, the deep belly laughter of a passer-by.

And most of all – our body asks us to simply listen to it.  It is at the center of our health, happiness, and wellness.   When our bodies are ease, our hearts and minds will follow.

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